It has been a long while since I began and last did audio editing, but it feels good get back into it. I had made a podcast back in freshman year of high school; however, I had never been a fan of listening to my own voice. I listen to podcast frequently when I am traveling between classes and commuting to work, my favorite being “Freakonomics”. I am familiar with the format of podcasts and how music plays an important part of keeping a steady flow. I didn’t find it too difficult to edit the songs and voice recording together because I understand Audacity so much more than I did six years ago. The songs I chose also had a similar tempo, so cross fading the two was a smooth transition.

After class, I started to mess around on Audacity, downloading a numerous amount of MP3s and editing tracks over each other. In my previous post, I provided a song and video that I experimented with in hopes of drawing some connections to this week’s class lesson on editing videos.

The video I watched was “The Nerd Crew: Episode 2” from The hosts all have full and animated personalities with a very sarcastic and patronizing way of talking to each other. The camera they recorded the video on give excellent quality and the microphones they talked into gave clear output. Their set up has a strong podcast feel, but being able to see their faces and reactions make it intriguing. Even in the midst of a conversation, the camera switches to whoever is talking at eye level, allowing the viewer to follow the conversation and engage as if they were included. Because they were on the topic of Disney’s announcement of the new Star Wars title, they included the graphic for the viewers to see. Toward the end of the video, the camera angle changes from showing the hosts to facing down to a crate they were “unboxing”, switching between the hosts and the crate objects.