I found the video editing assignment to be fairly simple and straightforward. I had prior experience working with Windows Movie Maker from making lame YouTube videos when I was twelve with my friends. The application is extremely user-friendly, especially since they have updated it to Windows Live Movie Maker. I prefer the older version because adding multiple effects on was not as complicated. The only issue I had was saving/publishing my video after I finished editing it. It could be my laptop’s fault, but the program kept crashing. As a result, I had to redo my work on the campus computer. Because I had everything already recorded and analyzed, it didn’t take me long. I am looking forward to the Midterm Project and the given flexibility for our video editing.

Years ago, I was a big time gamer, but college has sucked the fun out video games for me. Rarely do I find myself playing and enjoying a game without stressing and feeling guilty about my productivity. One of my favorite action role-playing games was the Fable series where you play as a hero with impressive magical and combative abilities. In the third game of the series, you are to overthrow your tyrannical brother and become the new king or queen to rule the kingdom of Albion. When you acquire the throne, you then have to make ethical decisions for the people of Albion and each decision comes with heavy consequences. Ironically, this particular game is my least favorite of the series for a variety of reasons, but mainly because you are left with this responsibility. I enjoy being a rogue character, but this game touched upon my own morals and I actually questioned what kind of ruler I want to be.

I have friends who have played the game and for giggles, they ruled just as oppressive as their fictional “brother”, which resulted in the kingdom despising them. I felt a sense of pride that I was able to keep my people happy, considering the effort I put into achieving the throne. This is as close as I would get into politics, so it was a fairly interesting experience to see myself stimulated in such a high position.